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Crown Health Care Disposables is one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of hospital disposables such as (Disposable Apron, Bouffant Cap, Face Mask, Hand Towel, Isolation Gown, Surgeon Gown, Shoe cover etc.) & Drapes such as (Leg U Drape, Leg O Drape, Cesarean Drape, Cling Drape, Eye Drape, Hip U Drape etc.) along with some top of the line products such as (Camera Cover, C-Arm Cover, Sterilization wrapping sheet etc.)

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The Man Behind the Success Of Our Company

Crown Health Care was established in 2013 by our Founder & Visionary – Niranjan Moharana with the sole mission to manufacture and supply quality products at the competitive price making Hospital’s operating procedure smooth across all India. Having associated with the medical field for the last 15 years have given him enough exposure to fulfill supply and demand in a timely manner. He has been one of the influential persons across all the business verticals to ensure seamless manufacturing of quality products such as hospital disposables, drapes kits etc.

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Hospitable Disposables

Hospital Disposables are basically one time “use and throw” clothing used by medical experts, doctors, hospital staff who engage in surgical procedures and is also used by patients. The benefits of using disposable is that it avoids cross contamination and keeps infection out. Disposables comes in many variations and sizes such as  (Face Mask,  Apron, Bouffant Cap, Hand Towel, Isolation Gown, Surgeon Gown, Shoe cover etc.) Crown Health Care manufactures disposables using the non-woven fabric imported from renowned companies having state of the art machinery which are at par with world class manufacturers. 


Hospitable Drapes

Hospital Drapes are basically made from non-woven fabrics to cover the patient during surgery.These drapes are made from fluid repellent fabrics and are used in surgical procedures in hospitals. These drapes are supplied as duly sterilized and there by does not allow any infections during the surgical procedure keeping the bacterial migration completely out. They are available in various sizes as per the requirement of the surgical procedure.  


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Leg O drape has expandable O shape fenestration which expands & fits tight on the leg.

The drape includes a Cesarean drape, fluid collection bag, aperture incision & Velcro fastener.

The eye drape is used on both sides for ophthalmic procedures such as cataract surgery.

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